Azione 7

Action in object involves planning and implementation of training meetings and seminars aimed at three types of target: fishermen and boaters, municipal technicians, farms and composters. The training will aim to acquire the necessary competences for the proper management of beached Posidonia, for the monitoring of the different processes of reutilization and for the utilization of products in agriculture.

In particular will be done:

1. Course of training for fishermen and boaters Trainings meetings for fishermen and boaters will have as main object to make know the ecological importance which Posidonia oceanica has in the sea and the rule that fishermen and boaters can have to minimize the negative impact that their activities can have on coast ecosystem.

2. Course of training for municipal technicians The training of technicians of the municipal administration will involve the acquisition of informations about ecosustainable management of beached posidonia and the monitoring of the processes of reutilization with particular reference to the examination of the economic and environmental costs that public administration sustains to clean coasts by the beached posidonia.

3. Course of training for farms and composters Courses of training for farms and composters will have as object the transfer of the techniques for the optimum use of beached posidonia as green compost to composting firms and to give informations about potentialities derived by the use of products made with posidonia residues to farmer and technicians of rural sector. In particular, all the phases that lead to the production of green compost will be presented, from the picking of beached posidonia to the production of the final product to use in agriculture.

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