Azione 6

The goal of this action is dual: on the one hand it’s about to assure the awareness of the project main addressees through their involvement actions during the project several phases, on the other hand instead it’s about to carry out the communication’s activities and to popularize the project results, that have an higher audience, involving all the stakeholders and shooting for the advertise and the reproducibility of the project.

Meeting will be organized, the first will show the aim of the project, the last  will show the results. The conference will be of primary interest to managers of coastal municipalities,in addition to industry and composting firms.

Secondly we aim to involve citizens through implementation of effective animation on the beaches, which provides for the establishment of mobile gazebo and dissemination of pamphlets and brochures on the project. Education activitieswill also be implemented in schools to make aware children to the knowledge of Posidonia and its role in the marine ecosystem. Finally a touring exhibition will be organised dedicated to the schools, which will concern the importance of posidonia in the marine ecosystem, the best practices to realise for her sustainable collection, the realisation of the green compost, the ways and the purpose of the use, and it will involve every school of every ranking and order of the common which will host it.

A Guide linefor the enhancement of beached biomasses will identify the best practices referring to the reuse of beached posidonia ,in reference to the ehnancement activities realised during the 5th action. The PRIME manual will be a final and summarizing book of the contents and results of the project. It will contain a guide line for the sustainable management of posidonia residues and all the procedures and istructions of the several project’s actions.

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