Azione 5

This action will focus on activities of recycle of the material through the composting process or other alternative uses (i.e. to consolidate the coastal dunes, production of paper, soil amendment, organic mulch, growing media, etc). We will set up the composting process and demonstrative trials in order to enhance the agronomical value of the composted material, and promote its use as soil amendment or as growing media for vegetable, flower and nursery productions.

Choosing the best method for managing beached residues of posidonia is a complex process, because in it converge technical, environmental and economical issues. Therefore, within the project will be developed and tested a Decision Support System (DSS), that may be used from the local administrations for choosing the best possibilities of management and use of the beached biomass residues. The process for developing the DSS will consist of four principal phases:

  •  collection of data and basic information;
  • build up the model, that represents the system, validate the model and define the possible scenario;
  • develop and test the software
  • create the software for the practical applications.

In the end, will be realized a guidelines that should be adopted for the valorization of beached biomass, for the utilization in agriculture of the products obtained and for the composting process of these biaomass.

In also, will be conducted demonstrative trials of utilization of the pre-treated material as mulching material for both urban green and agriculture. The green compost will be proposed also, as soil amendment with the objective of improve the soil fertility, particularly, in relation to the organic matter content. In relations to this, will be conducted other demonstrative trials with vegetable crops, with the objective of minimize the chemical inputs in the production process.

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