Azione 4

The objective of the PRIME project is to promote an effective ashored posidonia residues management through a consistent development of good environmental . Will be projected and realized prototypes for the washing (rotative sieve prototype) and the cutting up (bio-grinder prototype) in loco of the ahored and collected material, with the objective to desanding the material and reduce the particle size, and for the drying and desalting (pre-processing) (dryer plant prototype); trials of solar drying will be also carried out. The pre-processed materials will be analyzed in order to evaluate their attitude to subsequent phases of valorization.

In order to evaluate the environmental loads related to the ashored posidonia management, an LCA study will be carried out with the aim to evaluate:

  1. The potential impacts on environment related to the posidonia ashoring
  2. The effects on the environment of the different management processes;
  3. The resources and energy consumptions for the different management processes.


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