Azione 3

The activities provided in this action will be focused on the direct analysis of aspects related to the problem in object. All the activities will be carried out in several sites representative for different environmental conditions. The activities will deal with both environmental aspects, such as the health status of the meadows and the dynamics of ashoring, and management aspects related to the collection, removal and disposal of the residues. The preliminary aspects related to the subsequent operative phases of the project (removal, transport and pre-processing) will be discussed. In order to carry out actions of analysis and evaluation of the problem object of the project, geographic area where to conduct demonstrative activities will be identified. Five ashoring and removal representative sites ( 5 pilot-sites) will be identified, each one for its specific competences.

In the marine areas in front of the pilot-sites ECO-logica S.r.l. will carry out the monitoring of the physical, biological and chemical parameters of the Posidonia oceanica meadows. In the pilot-sites direct analysis on the beached biomasses will be carried out, with the objective to get a quantitative-qualitative characterization of the material accumulated.

In order to transport, process and subsequently reuse the posidonia residues, it is necessary a pre-processing stage that consists essentially in removing the external materials presents, in washing the residues for desanding and in grinding (more or less strongly depending on the typology of residues, fiber, leaves or egagropili), with the objective to reduce the volume for make the transport more effective and for further drying.

Per poter trasportare e successivamente riutilizzare i residui di posidonia sarà necessaria una fase di pretrattamento che consiste essenzialmente nell’allontanamento degli eventuali rifiuti presenti e della sabbia e nella triturazione più o meno spinta del materiale, in relazione alla tipologia di residui presenti (fibre, foglie o egagropili), con l’obiettivo di pulire e ridurre il volume delle biomasse per le successive fasi di trasporto e/o essiccazione. In this phase the methods for posidonia residues removal will be set and will be identified, in the removal sites of the Municipality of Mola di Bari, the pre-processing sites.

Comune di Mola di Bari ECO-logica s.r.l. CNR ISPA ASECO TECOMA