Azione 2

The goal of this action is to extend and deepen the knowledge referring to the main themes of the project. The advancement of knowledge, as well as an outcome of the project, will assess the most appropriate interventions to be made in subsequent operations. Action 2 will be implemented through activities of study, literature searches and investigations to acquire updated data.

The distribution and conservation status of Posidonia meadows along the Italian coast and Europe has been subject of numerous studies over the years. At the end of the study of existing maps will be made a summary map of the meadows of Posidonia oceanica in Europe and a methodologies for monitoring the conservation status of habitat.

Preparatory to the implementation of interventions under the project, we proceed to the critical evaluation of the results obtained in other projects and studies conducted by Italian and foreign institutions on the management of beached biomasses, with particular regard to residues of Posidonia. The information obtained will contribute to the optimization and timing of actions planned by the project (definition of criteria for selecting pilot sites and the development of guidelines for sustainable management of the phenomenon).

It will be conducted a public consultation on strategies for managing the problem undertaken by the coastal areas affected by the phenomenon of stranding residues of Posidonia in Europe. In particular,  interviews at the sites interested by the phenomenon of the beaching of Posidonia will be carried out, both for the Italian coastal towns and for the administrative regions of Europe, in order to acquire data on how the removal of  residues from the beaches is carried out, on the disposal of biomasses , on costs incurred and environmental issues arising in their actions.

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