The project PRIME “Posidonia residues integrated management for eco-sustainability”, funded by the European Community under Life+ (LIFE09 ENV/ IT/000061), proposes to develop the potentialities related to the reuse of posidonia (Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile) residues through the individuation of an Integrated Management System that could combine the necessity of environmental protection with the waste biomass management and the reuse of material.


The phenomenon of periodic Posidonia oceanica residues stranding has always been perceived as a problem that creates tremendous hardships for citizens, bathers and bathing facilities managers and therefore for municipalities dealing with the collection of beached biomass.

The issue is extremely important for administrators of the coastal communities who, forced to costly cleanup and disposal activities, can cause damage to coastal ecosystems, in the absence of defined guidelines regarding the procedures for intervention and management of such biomasses.


The project P.R.I.M.E. aims to establish an integrated management of beached posidonia residues, which allows to understand and evaluate all aspects of the marine ecosystem and the potential reuse of this waste biomass for agricultural use. It is proposed to identify the best mode for recovery of beached biomass and use this material as an organic fertilizer in agricultural soils and / or as a growing substrate for horticulture. They will also be conducted studies on other possibilities for virtuous reuse of such biomass, such as the consolidation and stabilization of coastal dunes. The project therefore aims to identify general rules for proper management of these biomass.


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